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It is with much sadness that I write this post to let you know that my Father, Mircho Tabakov, has passed away on 03.04.2021.


Ivan Tabakov

Patience is virtue. Achieving virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world.
Coming soon, how to convert a petrol car engine to HHO only engine!

New energy

Mircho Tabakov

For millennia, mankind has been observing the lightning. Along with fear, came curiosity looking for the source of this enormous energy. Many have tried to measure the lightning’s strength and tame it, but that amount of power is difficult to restrain.

With very little hydrogen and oxygen plus electricity we tried to create a small lightning. We succeeded in creating 25 cubic centimeters of brown gas and electricity, a microlightning and we saw the enormous power. First, it caused an explosion, and then it created vacuum into the free space. Later we captured it in a metal cylinder and created the new quantum motor with explosion and vacuum.

 Quantum engine comes as a new era in human history. It will work on the border between our and the “new” unknown, yet completely real antiworld – as a 100% ecological energy equivalent of water circle. Water, this genius creation of God, will give us energy for movement, electricity, heat, and so on, and then again will turn into water to change all our lives and relationships.

HHO (Brown gas) is the cleanest energy in the world. Burning HHO for heating is sacrilege. It is the same as using electricity for heating. Turning pure energy into heat is a loss. Mixing nitrous oxide with fuel for internal combustion engines provides fuel economy savings of up to 35% up to 1750 rpm, and as compared to 2100 revolutions, the saving almost disappears. The latter is only possible with browngas generators with an m/m/w greater than 5.5. The production of brown gas generators with a m/m/w  greater than 5.5 are the new sources of planet earth. There are successful measurements of 10-fold overunity energy generated by artificial lightning. In the new type of devices, I used lightning from the HHO, which creates enormous pressure and almost absolute vacuum.

With this brief preface, we want to awaken the initial interest needed for the future turbulent transition to the NEW ENERGY REVOLUTION!

ing. Mircho Tabakov

HHO GENERATOR WITH MMW 6,5 / 8,8 l/min....528 l/h

HHO GENERATOR WITH MMW 6,5 / 8,8 l/min….528 l/h